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express service
bride diaries is here to provide you with an unlimited gallery of video clips and stills just 24 hours after your big day!
there is no better feeling than spending the day after your wedding looking back over all those special memories straight away.
you can expect around 800-1000 videos and stills when booking our 8 hour full day package.


present in the moment
when we are capturing your day, we want things to feel laid back and non obstructive.
we aim to blend in with the crowd and capture all the memories as they are happening.
if you'd like hannah to capture any trends (e.g. - the sunglasses trend) then of course she would be more than happy to! 

extra touches
we recently organised our own perfect wedding so we know how stressful and overwhelming things can get.
as your content creator, hannah is there to advise you on anything wedding related during the build up to your big day!
on the day itself, hannah will act like your personal bridal fairy.
she will be there to fluff that train, grab you a snack, refill your glass and even create the perfect playlist for the morning of the wedding.



Personal approach
Our theme of being personal starts from our initial contact with you, right through to after your wedding. 3 months before your wedding we will begin work on your vision document. A form is sent over to you for you to fill in. The form helps us find out about your wedding in more detail from the timeline to the theme to all the unique moments you want captured. Finding out more about the day helps us create a vision and narrow down what photos/content you would like created. Every wedding is different, we work with you to bring your vision to life!


Diaries discount
We love working together and to encourage this we offer discount when booking us both for your big day.
Here you can learn more about
Wedding Diaries and Our Story 

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