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Hannah & James

Our Story


Welcome to Wedding Diaries and Bride Diaries!


We’re husband and wife, James and Hannah, offering a unique photography and content creation package.

Our express service allowing you to watch your wedding back within 24 hours!

After tying the knot ourselves in May 2023, we wanted to continue living in the wedding bubble forever and decided to combine the skills, passion and knowledge we have in photography and social media, as well as our love for weddings to bring you... Wedding Diaries, a wedding photography service and Bride Diaries, a wedding content creation service.

Two services which will help you capture the biggest day of your life in the best way possible.

Photography and content creation are two things we feel are key to capturing all of your moments, both big and small, on your wedding day.

Osprey catching a fish, wildlife photography eagle

I’m James, photographer, husband and now business partner to Hannah. I’ve had an eye on photography since leaving school, from way back when I took on the role as designated photographer during nights out with friends (this is before the camera’s on phones were any good!).

My interest progressed into a passion when I found wildlife photography.  

Over the past decade I have been photographing wildlife at any given opportunity, including our honeymoon!

During this time I’ve learned to capture those perfect moments which may only last a split second.

I'm yet to come across a bride or groom that can move as quickly as a a hunting bird of prey, or a rutting stag!

A handful of my photos as @james.wildlifeworld have won awards, whilst also being published by Canon, BBC Earth, BBC Countryfile, BBC Wildlife Mag and The Wildlife Trusts.

I’m Hannah, a content creator and newlywed from London.

I’ve been creating content for 4 years now over on @eatslondonlife - a food and lifestyle account. I’ve worked on campaigns with big companies from Hotel Chocolat to Yo! Sushi. Back in November 2021 my now husband James proposed to me in Scotland. I became wedding planning OBSESSED! During the final few months of my wedding I created bridediaries on TikTok where I shared all my bridal tips and DIY wedding inspo 👰🏻‍♀️ After we got married James and I never wanted the wedding bubble to end. So…we decided to make weddings our life 🤍 

Hannah the bride and creator of website, married to james wedding diaries and bride diaries
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