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Confetti walk photography tips! Wedding tips from a photographer

We LOVE confetti shots! Below are some tips on how to make the most of your confetti walk.

- Ask guests to place the confetti in their hands and throw upwards, not directly at the newlyweds. This is so it floats down slowly, we want a confetti shower!

- Avoid throwing from a box or cone, as this causes the confetti to clump together. Some confetti canons dotted along the line are also something to consider!

- Walk with your heads up high and facing forward. Smile! You've just got married

- Guests should form two lines with a gap of approx 8feet (2.5 metres for those outside of the UK). This will give yourselves, your photographer, content creator and videographer enough space to work magic in.

- Be confident, everyone with confetti in hand is there in that moment, for YOU!

- Try not to walk too fast! A slow pace similar to the earlier aisle walk is just perfect

- Find a spot with a good amount of natural light, but without harsh direct light

- A cheeky kiss halfway down the confetti walk makes for a great photo

- No such thing too much confetti! If you have spare confetti from the exit walk, why not use some for your first dance?

Reach out if you'd like to hear more

Happy planning!!



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