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What questions should I ask my wedding photographer? Wedding tip

If you're still on the search for a photographer and not sure what questions to ask, or you're interested in more than one photographer but can't decide who to choose, you may find the below examples of questions useful:

  • Do you shoot on a dual slot camera (onto 2 cards)? Shooting with two memory cards active on each camera means that the photos are instantly backed-up onto a second card. It's are to have issues with a memory card, but there is always a risk, which isn't worth taking! Wedding Diaries shoots with dual slot cameras and has back-up cameras/flashes.

  • Please could you explain your backup storage? This question will confirm how the photographer backs-up your images. Ideally, the photographer will back-up your images as soon and as safely possible. Wedding Diaries tries to back-up the pre-wedding breakfast photos during the wedding breakfast, if time allows. The rest of the images are backed-up onto an external hard drive the night of the wedding when we get home.

bride and groom jump into the snow
Jumping into the snow is encouraged, but not essential

  • Ask yourself, do we have a good rapport with the photographer? It's not always clear if you'll vibe with your photographer just by communicating over email. Try to speaking with your photographer about your big day over a video call, or at least a phone call. If viable, the best scenario would be to meet in person.

  • What are your typical delivery timings? There's no right or wrong answer to this, each photog will vary, depending on the time of year and whether it's a full-time job or something they do part-time. It's good to find out if/when you'll receive sneak peeks on top of when you'll receive the whole album. Sneak peeks will allow you to send out your 'thank you' cards and make the wait for the full album not seem so long. Wedding Diaries will send sneak peeks containing several images from various parts of the day, within just 48 hours. The full album is usually sent within 6-8 weeks.

  • How many images are typically sent? Find out how many images you'll receive in your full album and also the sneak peeks, if applicable. Wedding Diaries typically provides 700+ enhanced images from a full day and several in the sneak peeks.

  • Do you have an example of a shot list/day of schedule? This will help give you a picture of what the day will look like, the type of photographs that'll be taken and the timings. Wedding Diaries can provide a variety of schedules from previous weddings, upon request.

  • Do you have insurance? In the unlikely event something goes wrong, it's important to know that your suppliers are insured. We have public liability insurance to £5,000,000 and employers insurance up to £10,000,000.

  • Are you qualified to fly your drone? Not all photographers use a drone, but they are becoming more popular. It's also weather dependent and subject to the venue's permission. We have a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which allows us to fly our small drone

  • Do you have back up equipment if your normal equipment were to stop working on the day? This is again unlikely, but check your photographer has back-up cameras, flashes and memory cards just in case. We have a back-up camera (three camera in total) and a back-up flash (three flashes in total). Hannah even has a spare phone for her video content creation.

  • Can we request a shot list? You may have a vision, it is YOUR big day after all! I would suggest even sending your photographer some images from Pinterest or Insta. It's important to work as a team.

  • Where can I see reviews from Brides and Grooms you've already worked with? Don't put all of your faith in the reviews seen on their own websites - we recommend cross checking these reviews on other sites, such as Google or Facebook. You may also find reviews on Bridebook, Hitched etc. but these are easier to manipulate.

  • How will our photos be delivered? Most photographers should give the option of an online album, this is the easiest way to view images, share with friends & family and this should also come with the option of downloading the images. Check whether you can be sent a USB, prints or a photo album too. We provide a link to a password protected online gallery and USB stick as standard, prints and photo albums are also additional extras.

  • Are there any travel fees? Check upfront if you'll be liable for any fees in addition to the advertised packages, you don't want to secure a photographer, only to find out that their final price is significantly more than initially thought. We do charge travel depending on where in UK/Europe. but we are very reasonable.

  • What is your back up plan if there is bad weather? It's a question to ask to see how your photographer will act on their feet, but try not to get over consumed by the weather on your big day. We make the most of the weather, rain can provide the most dramatic shots! I have lighting equipment to make up for any light lost on a gloomy day.

  • What happens if you can’t make our wedding through illness? This is another unlikely event, but worth asking as there could be a first for everything! Wedding Diaries or Bride Diaries would reach out to photographers/ content creators that we've met personally and feel comfortable recommending and you'll be offered you a full refund. We have a large network of suppliers to reach out too.

  • How would you describe your general wedding style? You will have already learned a great deal by viewing their photographs, but personality is also very important. This will not only determine if the photographers style will result in a wedding album you're happy with, but it'll also give you an idea on if they'll match your personality on the day, remember they'll be the ones spending the most time with you! We have a natural, timeless photography/editing style and on the day, we take a relaxed, fun approach!

  • Is there a contract to secure you? This answer should always be yes. In our opinion, a photographer not supplying a contract would be a big red flag. A blank copy of our contract can be sent on request.

  • What are your typical timings at a wedding? Is there an option to extend the hours and is there a charge? The photographer should make it clear how long their hours are in each of their packages, but you should seek clarity on their start and finishing times. You may also request that they stay longer, so find out if they offer overtime and the cost associated with this. Our day is typically 8-10 hours - we offer additional hours for an extra cost p/hour. To be honest, we always arrive early so we can hit the ground running as soon as we are technically contracted and we frequently stay longer, we want to get those first shots on the dancefloor as much as you do!

  • Is there a deposit to secure your services? This will secure your photographer and lock in your special date in their diary. To give you an indication of how much a deposit might be, Wedding Diaries require a £150 deposit.


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