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Do I need wedding insurance?

In our opinion, wedding insurance is something you should always consider when planning a wedding.

Wedding insurance has grown in popularity in recent years, largely due to, you guessed it, the pandemic. You won't catch the c***d word in any of our blogs - cocktail is the only 'C' word round here!

It goes without saying, the more you're investing into your wedding, the more you should seriously consider wedding insurance.

You should also take other factors into account too, for example, how long until your wedding day? If your wedding is in 18 months time, (whilst unlikely) of course there's more chance of something going wrong, compared to if your wedding is in 3 months time.

*All images by James (Wedding Diaries)

When do your suppliers need payment? Some suppliers won't need payment until the weeks leading up to the wedding, so until then, a large sum of your funds will be secured in your own possession. Wedding insurers know this and some will only offer their insurance for the one month leading up to the wedding, others will provide insurance for a longer period and sometimes suppliers/items you've already paid for.

Be sure to always read the small print and weigh up if it suits your requirements.

Just some of the important points to look our for are, how long is the insurance valid for? When does the insurance start? Will it cover any historic payments? Is there an excess charge? etc.

Check your suppliers are insured themselves, this is very important for not only the period leading up to the wedding, but also for the wedding day itself.

As an example, Wedding Diaries and Bride Diaries have public liability insurance up to £5,000,000 and employers liability insurance up to £10,000,000.

*Video by Hannah (Bride Diaries)

What price can you put on peace of mind? Planning a wedding can be stressful enough already! Having the peace of mind of insurance could help ease the pressure.

The likelihood is that absolutely nothing will go wrong! But, you never know... If a company goes bust, or someone becomes ill, the wedding could be pushed back.

We're not financial professionals by any means, James is a wedding photographer married to Hannah, a wedding content creator, so all of the above is only our advice and not fact.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any wedding related questions! We (99.5% Hannah) recently planned our special day.

More information about what we do starts here:

Happy planning!

James & Hannah x

P.S Whilst doing our research, the below companies appeared to be popular amongst other brides and grooms. We also recommend looking on compare websites:


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