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Tips For The Morning of Your Wedding from a wedding content creator

Hey Brides!

Here are some of my tips for the morning of your wedding and how best prepare for your big day!

the bridal suite at wilderness reserve wedding venue in suffolk, united kingdom
Bridal suite at Wilderness Reserve, Suffolk

Engagement ring

Put this on the other hand ahead of the ceremony.

This will make it easier when exchanging rings.

Eat something

Make sure you eat something before you put your dress on, even if it's something small and you don't feel like it... a banana, a croissant, something!

It's going to be a little while between slipping into your dress and when you sit down for the wedding breakfast. Don't forget, whilst guests are munching on any canapés, you may be having your photographs taken!

Bride enjoying drinks in the bridal suite before her wedding
Eat something, drink something

Morning Music

Make a playlist

with your favourite songs. Songs which soothe you, excite you, remind you of fond memories, whatever YOU want to listen to .

Its all about you

Today is about you and your partner

Remember, today is all about you and your partner, all of your guests are there to see you. Your wedding day is the only day you'll have all of your friends and family together at the same time, make the most of it. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will be there to support you and your guests and your venue/co-ordinator and suppliers will be there to take on any small snags that may arise.

Don't worry about the weather!

The sun is great, but cloud and rain also make for some of the best photos.

Clouds mean that there's less shadows in your photos. Rain can create some of the most dramatic images. Stop over checking that weather forecast and embrace what happens on the day!

bride looking in the mirror, getting ready on her wedding day

Pre-dress clothing

Don't wear anything tight before putting on your wedding dress. This will prevent you from having any strap marks. Extra important if you're wearing an off-the-shoulder dress!

The little moments

I'm sure you've heard it 101 times, 'the day flashes by', it really does! Take it all the little moments throughout the day, a deep breathe and realisation of how special the moment your living is. Whether you choose our Bride Diaries or Wedding Diaries package, we will have you covered so you'll be able to look back on your day to remember how incredible it was.

Trust your suppliers

Emily Chantal Make-up artist mua applying make-up to the bride in her birdal suite on the wedding morning

If makeup and hair have agreed to start at 7:30am, trust them.

Your suppliers really do care about your wedding day. We are all honoured to be a part of your day and wouldn’t miss it for the world.

The talented @Emilychantal_mua hard at work.

Hairy by Charlotte Jean

maid of honour looks on at the bride having her make-up done by a make-up artist Chloe Eleanor MUA
Chloe Eleanor MUA applying make-up to the bride as the maid of honour watches

A proud Maid of Honour looks on at the bride and skilled make-up artist Chloe Eleanor

If you need any advice on your special day, just get in touch! and you can find many more tips from my own bridal journey on my Tiktok: @Bridediaries

Happy planning!


Hannah (Bride Diaries)


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